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Index card 012 - Books about books
Design as Art by Bruno Munari

The best thing about books happens when you're not reading. For me, it's meeting people that share my obsession. I met some of my best friends in book clubs and creative writing workshops. Thanks to books, I've met and collaborated with artists I admire; last year, I added to Errant Press's catalog one of the artists that inspire me the most: Catalina Kobelt. In one of our Instagram convos, she mentioned Bruno Munari's influence on her work. She specifically suggested: "Design as Art" and "How are objects born?." They instantly became a reference in my everyday artistic practice.

Design as Art by Bruno Munari collects fifty classes that approach different areas of design with a revolutionary thinker's sharp eye.

"Today it has become necessary to demolish the myth of the 'star' artist who only produces masterpieces for a small group of ultra-intelligent people. It must be understood that as long as art stands aside from the problems of life it will only interest a very few people."

The democratization of art and the suggestion of object art, object poetry, etc., are just a couple of the brilliant ideas the Milanese artist captured in one of his most celebrated books.

Munari's short essays helped me approach Catalina's work with new eyes and expanded some of my limits regarding art. I think this book will capture the eyes of graphic designers, illustrators, book artists, and creative minds.

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A book can also exist as an autonomous and self-sufficient form, including perhaps a text that emphasizes that form, a text that is an organic part of that form: here begins the new art of making books. (Ulises Carrion)

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