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Index card 020 - Tarkovski Sound Machine
The Last Days of New Paris by China Miéville

The S-Bomb is made with the essence of Surrealism. The S-Bomb is the result of the union between a cloud and a sewing machine in ready-made language. The S-Bomb is also the heart of The Last Days of New Paris, a novella by China Miéville,

China Mieville calls his own writing “weird fiction,” and he is considered part of the French new weird wave. The Last Days of New Paris is a surreal war sci-fi thriller that mixes nazis with occultism and Surrealism. It shines new light on the old WWII genre, using it as a resource for a poetic exercise.

The speed is motorcycle fast. The sounds are loud as bombs. The prose is elegant and plays with some literary Surrealism. The thriller tone is well crafted. The Last Days of New Paris would be a summer blockbuster if it weren’t a book. It is a novella: too long to be a short story and too short for a novel. The novella is my favorite book-length because I can read it in a short time, but it is long enough for a consistent, well-developed story. Miéville work is no exception.

This book is an absolute recommendation for sci-fi readers, fantasy readers, fans of André Breton, and adventurous readers.

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A book can also exist as an autonomous and self-sufficient form, including perhaps a text that emphasizes that form, a text that is an organic part of that form: here begins the new art of making books. (Ulises Carrion)

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