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Piedra Ediciones

Amaramarillo by Cecilia Miranda Gomez is a writing device that is also an essay on the color yellow and a chromatic swatch.

Amaramarillo is an invented word that combines Amarillo (yellow) and Amar (to love). Through this book, the artist presents her intimate relationship with the color yellow, inspired by Bluets by Maggie Nelson.

The essay is bilingual (Spanish and English), but the phrases dedicated to each tone are in Spanish only.

The names of the yellow colors used in this publication come from the official Comex catalog, one of Mexico's most popular paint brands.

Sampler of 40 cards of 2 x 4.7 in
with a metal screw.

Piedra Ediciones, 2023

A book can also exist as an autonomous and self-sufficient form, including perhaps a text that emphasizes that form, a text that is an organic part of that form: here begins the new art of making books. (Ulises Carrion)

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