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May Fragile

Alan Sobrino
Errant Press, 2022

Bubble envelop contains 2 books and a postcard: Book 1: screen printed cover and z-bound textbook by the author; Book 2: full-color image book digitally printed; Size: 12.0 x 10.8 in; 40 pages
Bilingual edition: English and Spanish
Made in Mexico


May Fragile is an artist book for kids that tells the story of a girl who overcomes a rare body condition that’s keeping her away from her passion: soccer.

The story is divided into two books, meant to be read/played by two or more people:

  1. One player is the narrator and reads aloud the textbook following the different font types to act the story
  2. The other player holds the image book. This player follows the story by seeing the illustrations and listening to the narrator 

Both books are synchronized by page number. The artist's vision is to create a social reading experience that keeps parents, teachers, or guardians close to children.

Pedagogues recommend this story for kids 10+, but we think this book is for all ages.

Errant Press publishes and supports bilingual books that explore the possibilities between content and containers.

A book can also exist as an autonomous and self-sufficient form, including perhaps a text that emphasizes that form, a text that is an organic part of that form: here begins the new art of making books. (Ulises Carrion)

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