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Errant Passport

by Alan Sobrino
Errant Press, 2023


Printed in USA, bound in Mexico

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Errant Passport is a conceptual essay about borders. It is an official, non-official document that allows its readers free transit around the world.

“This book started as an essay promoting open borders, but in the middle of writing it, I realized there was no discussion, the evidence to support open borders is already massive. The real discussion has more to do with how we view the world. This book represents my views: borders are imaginary lines drawn by fear.”

Errant Passport allows their carriers to choose their names, determine their sexuality, and states a single place of birth for all humans: planet earth. The Passport includes 16 Visas, each with a QR that links to different books and videos that inspired the piece as an invitation to a more critical and informed debate.

Alan Sobrino was born in Mexico City and recently moved to Los Angeles, CA. He started writing at a young age, and has been a consistent practice throughout his life. In 2019, he began Errant Press as a self-publication project while living in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

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Errant Press publishes and supports bilingual books that explore the possibilities between content and containers.

A book can also exist as an autonomous and self-sufficient form, including perhaps a text that emphasizes that form, a text that is an organic part of that form: here begins the new art of making books. (Ulises Carrion)

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